E-commerce means buying and selling the product or services over the electronic system like internet and other computer network. We are doing business in the laptop spares, adapter etc... , so we give the best E-commerce solution to those who are involved to developed their business in an e-commerce technology. E-commerce in India is wide famous and developing rapidly.it will increase the profit, sales, size of the market reach the narrow market of the business

Types of E-Commerce are
• E-commerce is conducted between business and business
• E-commerce is conducted between business and consumer
• Business to employee
• Consumer to business and etc...

E-Commerce Advantages and use
• No need to visit customer face to face
• low operational cost
• fast communication
• 24 availability and easy to global access
• secure payment transfer across internet
• Customized product and services…….

E-Commerce makes all your dreams come true for a successful online business.
We in our Solutions offer you with leading edge and control with in depth knowledge and skills unparalleled support for you, right from the roots of planning, implementation, and development of your e-commerce site. Our team of specialist consultants, software developers, project managers, and Web designer’s works on your site with a wide range of integrated software.

We have experience of implementing all the major ecommerce platforms like.
• Integrated with a wide range of ERP
• Customer Order Management
• Warehouse Management and back office systems

We provide a complete report, on design and assessment of your e-commerce business for a better development of the content on your page. Developing alternative solutions, Understanding your e-commerce necessities, Documenting, and optimizing E-commerce business processes, Business process modelling, Preparing technical specifications,

We offer the customers with the following support:
• Creative design bearing in mind according to your preferences
• Uncomplicated yet striking Web design
• Developing new balancing functionality
• Creating interfaces to third-party systems
• Developer and user documentation

(Our Services MEGENTO Work)

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